About us

Established in 2009, Easting Biotech Corp. is an innovative medical products company with a focus on advanced wound care solutions and transdermal drug delivery systems, especially on advanced Hydrogel development .

With an initial foundation in a developmental pipeline of polyurethane film-based combination dressing products, including film-backed hydrogel dressings , medication-infused film and medication-infused hydrogel skin patch products, Easting Biotech eyes on being a global medical products company encompassing a variety of innovative technologies, platforms and products serving professional and consumer medical markets. The company holds patents in different medical device manufacturing processes, hydrogel wound dressings and combination products as well as several manufacturing technologies.

As a whole, the company works together with the innovative technologies of its R&D team and experts in manufacturing processes, Easting Biotech is leveraging worldwide renowned strengths in the fabrics industries with our capabilities in chemistry, engineering, precision manufacturing, which position Easting Biotech as a leading global name in comprehensive trauma treatment and dermal patch products.

Easting Biotech Corp TEL: +886-2-7736-9909   FAX: +886-2-8985-8217   Email: sales@eastingbio.com